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Anyone can create a Tinder profile, but most people forget that they can be found by anyone interested in them specifically (or somewhere they work). While we covered simply finding a profile in a way that should leave the target no indication they've been found, many hackers see dating profiles as a legitimate point of entry for phishing and social engineering attacks. If someone can find you, they can contact you too. Most popular dating apps in the U.S. 2022, by number of downloads With ourTinder BlasterBasic plan you enter your partner’s name, age, and specific location to search Tinder profiles of active users with characteristics that match your partner’s. If your partner has an active profile use the profile update option to view their Tinder online dating site with most users ID, all photos and profile info.With theTinder BlasterExtended option you enter the age range your partner might be using and scan activity within a wide location radius. This is the surest way to find a profile on Tinder. If your partner’s profile is active the profile update option reveals their Tinder ID, all photos and profile info.