can i share google contacts between two accounts

You can also import your Google Contacts with the help of iCloud. If you use iCloud you can transfer all your contacts as a whole. Also, if you use iCloud, not only you can import contacts from Gmail to iPhone but you can also sync Google Contacts to Mac as well. Remember that you cannot import files to iCloud in CSV format as iCloud does not support that format but as you can see there is a way around it. If you're not near your computer don't worry, as you don't need to use iTunes to sync your contacts to Google – instead you can just use your iPhone thunderbird sync contacts with google or iPad (if you're running iOS 7 or later). Step 4: After accessing your Gmail account, then syncing will start automatically, and make sure iCloud contacts is off on your iPhone so that you can see the &8220;Sync Contacts with&8221; option.