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One more fun addition is to add Slurp Juice to the menu. I did this by buying blue Gatorade bottles and putting a Slurp Juice sign on the cooler. Itrsquo;s a super easy and fun touch. In Escape From Tarkov, you must build your reputation with various factions wwf playing cards to gain access to the most powerful weapons, ammunition, armor, and other types of gear. It’s slightly pay-to-win since players who have the “Edge of Darkness” upgrade have more inventory space and other vital bonuses that give them a huge advantage. Since it’s not a fully released game (it’s still in Beta at this point) your progress resets at regular intervals and you need to start from scratch. If you miss the first few days of the reset, you probably won’t manage to do much from this point onwards since some players will already be overgeared and much too powerful to take down.