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If an item you want to sell is located in your Steam inventory, you have to deposit it to DMarket before exchanging. To deposit an item, click the “Accept trade on Steam” Continue button (see Fig.5) and confirm the trade on Steam within 10 minutes. After the trade is complete, your item will be deposited to DMarket and the exchange will be completed. However, it is important to note that this will not change the outcome of the blocked or limited Faster Payment or Debit Card transaction as this has been done in accordance with bank policy. Additionally, funds must remain in your account for at least 60-days if you plan on withdrawing funds from your tastytrade account a bank account where the funds did not originate. If you occasionally exceed the limit, your bank may decline your excess transactions or charge you a fee. If you exceed that limit often, some banks may convert your savings account to a checking account or close it altogether.