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Let's take a look at both sides of the Bitcoin. REALISED PRICE by Coinmetrics.Realised Cap is value of all coins in circulation at the price they last moved, in other words an approximation of what the entire market paid for their coins. In this chart Realised Cap is mapped to the price domain by dividing by the total coin supply. The report also suggests that bigger investors sucked out liquidity from the market, buying bitcoins from traders and keeping them under lock and key – "hodling" them, in crypto-lingo . When these larger investors sold their bitcoin, they usually charged higher prices. “New investors are having to offer prices that make it attractive for older investors to sell,” the report concludes. President Nayib Bukele announced this initiative at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami, highlighting Bitcoin's potential to bitcoin casino usa reviews boost the nation's economy. Bukele asserted that the adoption of Bitcoin would reduce annual remittance fees by approximately $400 million, which would, in turn, enable larger transfers of funds.