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Much of the gameplay in DeFi Kingdoms is centered around Heroes, the utility-based NFTs that can gather resources with Professions and will eventually be able to participate in combat quests and even PVP. You can visit the Tavern to buy Heroes and you can learn more about what cryptocom debit card declined makes each Hero unique in the Heroes section of this guide. The price of DeFi Kingdoms in the ICO was > and the token sale ended on Jan 1, 2019. Since then, JEWEL price increased x against US Dollar, decreased x against Ethereum and decreased x against Bitcoin. To learn more about DeFi Kingdoms ICO click here. It’s pretty rare that I get juiced up about a new crypto project. I got excited about Bitcoin and Ethereum back in 2015 after a friend of mine who was a senior software engineer broke down what it all meant and a lightbulb suddenly lit up. That changed the direction of my career and my life, it was huge.