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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED In a December exchange on Twitter, Musk asked MicroStrategy (MSTR.O) CEO Michael Saylor, who recommended Tesla buy Bitcoin, about the possibility of "large transactions" to convert some of Tesla's balance sheet to the cryptocurrency. read more Bitcoin has steadily been gaining acceptance from the traditional finance and investment world in recent years but Warren Buffett is sticking to his skeptical stance on the cryptocurrency. It is traditional for the government to exaggerate the alleged harms of classified information becoming public, and this appears to be happening again. It first occurred in a big way back in 1971 with the Pentagon Papers, which the government sought to have squelched by the Supreme Court. But the court ruled in favor of the media’s right to publish the government’s secret history of the Vietnam casino bitcoin point War, and the release of the Pentagon Papers is widely regarded as an essential act of transparency that revealed the hidden truth of America’s conduct in Vietnam.