how to design your own home

Hawaii is one of the best vacation destinations across the world and that has an impact on property values and living standards in the region. High property value means that you need your property to be in the best form whether you’re reselling or not. However, before you start tearing down the property, you need to have a cost estimate for the remodel. Some of the factors affecting remodel costs include: Thank you leo ! Part of my job it seems is going behind so called contractors who are not liesensed or bonded and can certainly give the lowest bid probably due to the fact their to see him not qualified or neglect their financial responsibility to run a business to begin with. I’m blessed to have very good repeat customers ! But their are those who want something for nothing. I guess some don’t understand a business has to support itself as well as a family and I’m not getting rich. This is 2018 Thx !