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Cryptocurrencies enthusiasts expect bitcoin to displace legacy currencies and become the only method of value exchange. With Hyperbitcoinization, Bitcoin should change people&8217;s relationship with money. The fact that people will own their money and be in total control of its value is seen as one of the attributes that will make most people shun fiat currencies. To mine Bitcoin, you need giant computers capable of processing the huge amount of data required, and that can cost you thousands of dollars to set up. The enormous amount of hardware required has led some people to join mining pools to share computing power, though it also means they share any gains. Dec. 5, 2020: The g-force from Bitcoin’s climb in 2020 would make even an experienced astronaut black out. By early December, the cryptocurrency was worth $19,045.02. That $100 would be read even more worth $230 today. You’re doubling your money in a short time, but somehow it’s still not satisfying.