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Section bets are only available when playing European (French) Roulette, where there is a single 0 on the roulette wheel. In order to place section bets in an online casino, usually, you have to use the roulette racetrack. Here are the four different section bets: To get in on the act, Doritos have also launched their own take on food roulette. So if you buy a packet of “Doritos Roulette Tortilla Chips”, you’ll find that the majority of chips in your bag consist of a nacho cheese flavour. However, your bag will also contain a random number of hotter chips which you’re sure to discover at some point during your snack. So, as Doritos points out, the challenge is to ‘take bold to the next level’ and try to consume real online roulette these cheesy chips. You should, they say, find ‘a hot chip in every handful’.