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We hope that this collection of fun math games can be an extra tool in your teaching toolbelt. Repetition is an important part of learning and these free math games provide another opportunity to cover new content as well as revisit past topics in a different way. We hope that these educational games will be enjoyed by you and your young learners.; Practice with a Game At the age of 10, children look what i found are in the 5th grade of elementary school. In mathematics, this year is fundamental as a new and very important concept comes into play: equations. Some concepts such as coordinates, proportions, fractions, percentages, angles, or types of triangles are also added. Multiplication pirate game for fifth grade Trusted tutors for 300 subjects Take time out to relax and enjoy some funny jokes, brain teasers, amazing numbers, easy classroom activities and cool riddles with our fun math stuff for kids that focuses on the lighter side of mathematics.