potato battery project

To do so, the book combines real-world stories and groundbreaking research in a visually-rich package that includes activities, reflection questions, inspiring quotes, and student work. These features make the book easily adapted to or expanded through other forms of digital paper stem projects and online media. To help ground research and theory, readers will hear fromndash;and be inspired byndash;practitioners, activists, and artists ranging from renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to founding Wu-Tang Clan member GZA to acclaimed educator Raven the Science Maven. In profiling these innovators, the book reveals how readers can nurture creativity, spark joy, and promote perseverance in all children. Start small by incorporating STEM/STEAM books and activities into your current class routine. Modify existing lesson plans to allow for more hands-on exploration, discussion questions that cut across subjects, and the use of technology.