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Bitcoin offers a decentralized, transparent, and secure monetary system, immune to inflation and political manipulation. With lower transaction fees, opulous crypto fast global transfers, and finite supply, it can be a superior alternative to traditional investments. It’s simple to buy Bitcoin for the best price on OKX. If you’re a beginner with no cryptocurrency holdings, you can use your credit card or other payment methods — such as Google Pay or PayPal — to buy Bitcoin on OKX with your national currency. With its recent integration with Paxful, OKX supports more than 160 fiat currencies, including the U.S. dollar, euro, Indian rupee, Brazilian real and more. If using a credit card still seems like a good option for buying crypto, there’s a chance you haven’t calculated the true cost. “Investors should take a significant amount of time to educate themselves before making an investment decision,” advises Bratcher. “They should understand that leveraged credit is not the avenue through which to get started with Bitcoin or other digital assets.”