what does bitcoin mining do

Proof-of-work mining is a mechanism for creating consensus among people with an economic stake in a system, without knowing anything else about them. You’d never mine Bitcoin if you didn’t want Bitcoin to be valuable. If you’re a Bitcoin miner, you’re invested in Bitcoin in some way; you’ve bought computers and paid for electricity and made an expensive, exhausting bet on Bitcoin. You have proven that you care, so you wifedogecoin get a say in verifying the Bitcoin ledger. And you get paid. You get paid Bitcoin, which gives you even more of a stake in the system. Ethereum Denominations: Ether to Wei, Gwei to Ether, & More While discussions about Ethereum and its functionalities are quite prevalent, you are less likely to find detailed guides on Ether. The following discussion offers you a detailed introduction to the cryptocurrency of Ethereum, i.e., Ether, also known as ETH. You can learn about the processes through which Ether ETH is created and burned, alongside its important uses. Most important of all, the discussion emphasizes specific pointers which define the value of Ether.